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Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!
National Puzzle Day – Flash Giveaway!
Spring 2016 New Titles and Giveaway!
Books for the Break!

Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!

Confession: I don’t like getting my hands messy… really, I think I have a thing. Gooey, sticky, slimey? Nope, not for me.

I really do enjoy doing activities and crafts with my girls, but my ‘thing’ holds me back sometimes.

However, I’ve found the PERFECT craft to do over the holidays that doesn’t get my hands sticky or gooey (woot!):

Enter the Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit!

Check out this video for an exclusive inside look:

Here are some fun inside pictures:



Step-by-step picture guide!



Make seven cutie-patootie felt animals!


Doesn’t this look great?! And your kids can MAKE their own gifts, y’all… HOMEMADE presents! You know the grandparents will LOVE that!

Click here to get your sewing kit for $24.99.

I’d love to know how you like it, and I’d love to see pictures of your kids’ creations, too! Please post them on my Facebook page, and I’ll send you a special happy! Click here to join me on Facebook.

Enjoy making these adorable critters and fun memories with your children this holiday season!

Looking for more fun activities? Click here for a video of some of my favorites!



National Puzzle Day – Flash Giveaway!

Happy Puzzle Day!

To celebrate this often overlooked special day, I’m giving away two of our brand new puzzle activity books, recommended for ages 6+ – 100 Logic Puzzles!

Puzzle Day Win This PIN

Logic Puzzles cover

Logic Puzzles

This book is soooo much fun, and it’s packed with puzzles, activities, and games that’ll keep your children busy in a good way. TAKE BACK YOUR PHONES, mamas! Take a look at the video and then scroll down to learn how to enter the giveaway!

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Spring 2016 New Titles and Giveaway!

Usborne’s Spring 2016 titles are heeeere!! WOOT! And to celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my favorite new books, A Year in My Life!

a year

This journal is packed full of 365 drawing and writing activities that will be SO much fun to look back on at the end of the year! Your child can be creative every day! Here are just some of the prompts from this super-fun diary:

Day #143 – Pretend you found a message in a bottle. Write your response here.

Day #168 – Using four words, write a review of today.

Day #295 – Imagine you spent the day with your favorite fictional character. Draw a picture of where you went together.

Day #344 – Draw a scene from today, but give the people animal heads.

Click here or below to learn more about my new favorite book:

I absolutely adore this book so much because it exercises my child’s mind every day. Every day she will use her imagination! In fact, I love this book so much that I’m giving away 5 copies to 5 fabulous readers! Enter the giveaway at the bottom for your chance to win this book completely free – just because you’re awesome!

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Books for the Break!

They’re coooommming!!!

Your kids will be home with you very soon, all day, everyday, for like two weeks! That’s right – Christmas break is right around the corner – are you ready??

I love having my kids home with me, I really and truly do, but what I don’t love is all the time in front of the TV. This year, I’m going to be ready with awesome activity books that will keep them busy in a good way! Need some ideas for great books that will keep your child engaged and using his brain over the break? Make a cup of tea, put your feet up, and check out my latest videos! And if you’d like to order, use the Books for the Break link by clicking here, and I’ll reimburse your shipping! This crazy-awesome free shipping deal is good until Dec. 1st, so don’t wait!

And here’s one more WINNING book for the break! Take a look! (this video also debuts my new custom intro – whatcha think?!?!)

Time for new books, right!?! I’m here to help, friend! Click here to shop Books for the Break and take advantage of the free shipping (reimbursement) by Dec. 1st!

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