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Usborne Fall Frenzy Sale!
Usborne Book Barn Special Peeps have Special Perks!
Artist Appreciation Day – Giveaway!
Big Changes!

Usborne Fall Frenzy Sale!

Fall Frenzy Sale

** Usborne Books & More is having an ONLINE SALE! **

This is B-I-G news, friends! I’ve only seen an official sale twice in my UBAM career (usually Black Friday)!

Sale Begins – Thursday, September 28th, 2017
Sale Ends – Tuesday, October 31st, 2017
(while supplies last)

Click here or the peep below to start shopping!

ClicktoShop good

After you enjoy some retail therapy (you deserve it, go on!), hop on over to my VIP group, UBB Special Peeps, and share with us what you got!

Thanks for stopping by, friends, and enjoy the Usborne Books & More Fall Frenzy!


Usborne Book Barn Special Peeps have Special Perks!

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Peeps are just so cute and yummy, and now you can actually BE a peep – an Usborne Book Barn (UBB) Special Peep, that is!


I’d love for you to join my VIP group (although VIP just sounds so ‘normal,’ and if you know me, you know I like to do things a little differently, hence the PEEPS name!)! Click here or the image above to get yo’ peep on!

get yo' peep on!

Special Peeps have insider info, sneak peek videos, sales and discounts, and fun giveaways! I hope you’ll join me in this special FB group – we’ll have a blast!

I appreciate your support, and I’d love to help with your Usborne book addiction! Click here to connect with me on Facebook! And thanks for stopping by, friends!


Artist Appreciation Day – Giveaway!

Okay, so Artist Appreciation Day was actually yesterday… whoopsie! How could I have missed it?! 😉

In honor of this special day, let’s talk about Usborne’s art books!

Have you seen our art reference books? They really are some of the best I’ve seen (and I’ve looked through many art books!). I graduated with an Art degree from the University of Delaware many moons ago, and I love-love-lovity-LOVE fine art and music – and I want my girls to love them, too. However, it’s hard to know which art books to add to the family library when you can’t actually flip through them yourself.

Sigh… what to do?

I wish someone would just make a video of Usborne’s best-selling art books… that would really help, right?

Oh, wait! Y’all, I did that!

And I put together a giveaway?! What is this? Christmas!?! (scroll to the bottom for giveaway details)

Famous Paintings

The Usborne Book of Famous Paintings is one of our most popular art books! Recommended for ages 9+, it’s a beautiful introduction to 35 of the world’s best-loved paintings! There is some nudity (I always get asked that). Click here or below to see inside!

Read More

Big Changes!

I’m finally making the big move from Blogger to WordPress, and let me tell you, it ain’t easy! Please bear with me as I continue to migrate everything over and pretty it up (having some spacing issues and other what-nots).

I’m looking forward to taking Usborne Book Barn (UBB) to the next level in customer service! Thank you for supporting my business and joining me on this adventure. Be sure to subscribe to UBB (in right sidebar or at the bottom if you’re viewing this on a mobile device) so you keep up-to-date! I’ll also be doing lots of giveaways on my FB page, so click here to ‘like’ it and get in on the action!

Eeeek! This is so exciting!

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