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Storytime LIVE!
You can teach your child to read – yes, YOU!

Storytime LIVE!

I absolutely LOVE reading aloud to children! There are just SO many incredible benefits to this simple and joyful activity!

Join me each Tuesday at noon CST/1 pm EST as I read aloud a Kane Miller or Usborne picture book LIVE on my Facebook page! This is geared to children, so feel free to make lunch while I read aloud to your kiddos – it’s completely family-friendly!


Due to copyright issues, I’m only allowed to read the stories LIVE – there’s no video playback to watch later – so set your alarms!

If you’re in my special UBB FB group, you get to vote on the next Storytime book each week!

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Click here to get in the special group! We have fun giveaways, sales, and all sorts of  nifty stuff going on in there – you’ll love it!

Thank you so much for dropping by, friend, and I hope to see you at my next Storytime LIVE on Tuesdays! Click here to hop over to my FB page!


You can teach your child to read – yes, YOU!


I know what a struggle it can be to teach your child to read, believe me!

I taught my oldest daughter, Mary, and it wasn’t pretty. And we did it before I knew about all of the wonderful Usborne phonic books that should would have just LOVED!

So, with Anna, my younger girl, I’m going to do it ‘the Usborne way’ and use our phonics books and reading sets! To start, we’re going through the ABC books (as I like to call them) and learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Take a look by watching below or clicking here!

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