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2K? No Way! Giveaway!
Nibbles the Book Monster!
Happy Kid Inventor’s Day – Giveaway!
Usborne Books for CC Cycle 2
National Puzzle Day – Flash Giveaway!
Books for the Break!
You can teach your child to read – yes, YOU!
Have We Met?
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2K? No Way! Giveaway!

2k likes on Facebook?!


Thank you SO much for supporting my little book business, friends! This has been an incredible journey so far, and I want to show my appreciation for you by doing one of my favorite things…


To enter, click here to go my Facebook page, Usborne Book Barn, and find the image above that says 2K? No Way? Giveaway! Comment on THAT post with an idea for Usborne’s next book!

Yes, that’s right! Mr. Peter Usborne takes requests!

And that’s me and Pete right there. We’re pretty tight. 😉

Peter Usborne and Me

Each year, there’s an internal contest for book ideas, and I’d LOVE your help!

Comment on the FB post with YOUR idea for Usborne’s next book, and I’ll randomly select one winner this Sunday at noon CST. The lucky lady (or fella!) will win one of my favorite Usborne classics, The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales with CD! Click here or below to see how AWESOME this book is!

Thank you again for supporting my book biz! 2k likes?! That is SOOO amazing!

Head on over to my Facebook page now to enter the giveaway! I can’t wait to hear your ideas! I’ll announce the winner there this Sunday afternoon. Good luck, friends!


Nibbles the Book Monster!


Y’all, Nibbles is the cutest book in the whole wide WORLD!

He arrived last night, and my girls ate him up (pun intended)! Take a look!

Nibbles Anna 2 writing

Nibbles Mary writing

The UPS man came right at bedtime… yeah, loved that. 😉

Click here or below to see a quick video of Nibbles! Warning, I get a little overexcited about this adorable guy in the video… I think I said, “How COOL is that?!” maybe 40 times; but what can I say… Nibbles is THAT good! See for yourself!

Isn’t he the greatest?! Click here to order your own Nibbles!

Here are some pictures of the inside (click to enlarge):

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Happy Kid Inventor’s Day – Giveaway!

Don’t you just love obscure special days?! Me, too! I always love an excuse for a giveaway, and this week’s prize is SO great!

Invention PIN

The Story of Inventions is perfect for ages 8 and up and will capture your children’s attention again and again!

Click here or below to take a look!

Here are some pictures of the inside, too (click to enlarge):

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Usborne Books for CC Cycle 2

Classical Conversations and Usborne are like peanut butter and jelly. Like Oreos and cold milk. Like Jack and Diane. They just go together SO well!

If you’re a CC family, you’ve probably already started looking for quality books to supplement next year’s Cycle 2 material. I’ve got you covered! Click here or below to see my recommendations of Usborne books that correlate with Cycle 2!

I have a weekly match-up of our Usborne Encyclopedia of World History to EVERY cycle of CC. Click here or below to get your copy!

Yes, we used to be a CC family, and I was a tutor for my daughter’s class. LOVED it! But, God has called us in a different direction. Click here or below to see why we’re not homeschooling anymore.

I’d love for you to join me on my Facebook page! I have TONS of giveaways and contests through out the year, not to mention exclusive videos, flash sales, and insider info. on all things Usborne! Click here or below to get in on the action!


Thanks so much for stopping by! And enjoy Cycle 2! It’s by FAR my favorite cycle of Classical Conversations!


National Puzzle Day – Flash Giveaway!

Happy Puzzle Day!

To celebrate this often overlooked special day, I’m giving away two of our brand new puzzle activity books, recommended for ages 6+ – 100 Logic Puzzles!

Puzzle Day Win This PIN

Logic Puzzles cover

Logic Puzzles

This book is soooo much fun, and it’s packed with puzzles, activities, and games that’ll keep your children busy in a good way. TAKE BACK YOUR PHONES, mamas! Take a look at the video and then scroll down to learn how to enter the giveaway!

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Books for the Break!

They’re coooommming!!!

Your kids will be home with you very soon, all day, everyday, for like two weeks! That’s right – Christmas break is right around the corner – are you ready??

I love having my kids home with me, I really and truly do, but what I don’t love is all the time in front of the TV. This year, I’m going to be ready with awesome activity books that will keep them busy in a good way! Need some ideas for great books that will keep your child engaged and using his brain over the break? Make a cup of tea, put your feet up, and check out my latest videos! And if you’d like to order, use the Books for the Break link by clicking here, and I’ll reimburse your shipping! This crazy-awesome free shipping deal is good until Dec. 1st, so don’t wait!

And here’s one more WINNING book for the break! Take a look! (this video also debuts my new custom intro – whatcha think?!?!)

Time for new books, right!?! I’m here to help, friend! Click here to shop Books for the Break and take advantage of the free shipping (reimbursement) by Dec. 1st!

Thanks for stopping by today!


You can teach your child to read – yes, YOU!


I know what a struggle it can be to teach your child to read, believe me!

I taught my oldest daughter, Mary, and it wasn’t pretty. And we did it before I knew about all of the wonderful Usborne phonic books that should would have just LOVED!

So, with Anna, my younger girl, I’m going to do it ‘the Usborne way’ and use our phonics books and reading sets! To start, we’re going through the ABC books (as I like to call them) and learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Take a look by watching below or clicking here!

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Have We Met?

Hello there! Have we met? No? Well let’s fix that! Check out this quick video to learn more about me (bonus points if you catch what I have a secret stash of hidden away!):

Did you see the bloopers?! Y’all, it is so HARD to talk without messing up (or maybe it’s just me)!

BIG shout-out to the AMAZING Kari at Driskotech for putting this together!

Thanks for watching, and let’s get your party on, friends!

Book Videos!

I always tell my hostesses, “If you just get your friends to SEE the books, they’ll love them as much as we do!” And that is SO true! Usborne books cannot be beat in quality, educational content, and price. I really do LOVE sharing my books with people!

However, not everyone is able to make it to a book party, or sometimes they want to order online but aren’t sure what they’ll be getting if they do. No more worries, friend! I’ve recently uploaded a big batch of videos to help with situations like these!

Ever wondered what the popular Wind-Up Race Car book looks like in action? Click here!

Want to compare the awesome doodle books? Click here!

Have an older child who enjoys coloring? Click here!

Want to see an adorable six-year-old do a review of one of her favorite books? Click here! (She has a really great sales pitch; she’s hilarious!)

Head on over there and check out the new videos, and don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel so you know when new videos are added. Let me know, too, if you have any special requests, and I’ll do my best to get you the inside scoop on our amazing books!

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