Usborne Book Barn Special Peeps have Special Perks!

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Peeps are just so cute and yummy, and now you can actually BE a peep – an Usborne Book Barn (UBB) Special Peep, that is!


I’d love for you to join my VIP group (although VIP just sounds so ‘normal,’ and if you know me, you know I like to do things a little differently, hence the PEEPS name!)! Click here or the image above to get yo’ peep on!

get yo' peep on!

Special Peeps have insider info, sneak peek videos, sales and discounts, and fun giveaways! I hope you’ll join me in this special FB group – we’ll have a blast!

I appreciate your support, and I’d love to help with your Usborne book addiction! Click here to connect with me on Facebook! And thanks for stopping by, friends!


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