I’ve Earned the Usborne Books & More Trip to Disney World!

Aahhh!! We DID it, friends!

Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement this year! 2016 has certainly been a WILD ride, and this incentive trip is the icing on the cake! Take a look:

Disney World is WHY I became an Usborne consultant almost 3 years ago; it’s become our happy place! Click here to read more about the beginning of my Usborne adventure.


This will be second trip with Usborne (I earned the Western Caribbean cruise last year, but couldn’t go because my girls’ schools started that week). Click here or below to check out my Usborne Ireland trip (yes, IRELAND!)!


This trip, however, is going to extra special because…

I’m not taking the KIDS!

Yes, yes, yaaaaaas!

Since we use our Usborne money to take the kids to Disney each year anyway (our next family trip is in Feb.!), my husband and I are using this incentive trip as our 10-year anniversary celebration!

Y’all, can you even IMAGINE how AWESOME this trip is going to be?!

And it’s fa-REEEEEE!

Usborne is paying for our hotel, 6-day Park Hopper passes, private night at Typhoon Lagoon, and we get $1,200 to play with!

I. love. my job!

And I also love my incredible team (Go, Pineapples!), and YOU, for your support this year! This wouldn’t have happened without the generous love and support from my hostesses and customers. Thank you SO much, friends!

My husband and I are SO excited to see Disney in a whole new way, and we’ve already started planning!

Things we will NOT do on our Usborne trip to Disney World in July:

  • Meet princesses
  • Ride the Ariel ride
  • Meet princesses
  • Use a stroller
  • Meet princesses
  • watch Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage
  • anything having to do with Frozen

Things we WILL do on the Usborne trip:

  • Stay up late and watch the fireworks (and then SLEEP IN)!
  • Ride Tower of Terror!
  • Eat a turkey leg and walk, stroll really, whereEVER we want to go!
  • Ride the Aerosmith rollercoaster!
  • Explore Disney Springs!
  • take the Backstage Magic tour and see the underground UTILIDORS!


Earning a company trip is always mind-blowing, and the fact that I get to take my husband on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway on Usborne’s dime is almost too much! If you’ve ever thought about giving Usborne a try, just do it! You NEVER know what might come out of it! I never DREAMED it would be such a blessing to my family!

New catalogs and over 100 NEW books are coming out in January, so the new year is a great time to test the waters! Click here or below for my book biz FAQs to see if this might be a good fit for your family.


I’d love for you to join me on Facebook, too! We have a lot of fun over there with my weekly LIVE show, exclusive sneak peeks, Wednesday sales, and giveaways! Click here or below to become a part of the Usborne Book Barn community!


Again, thank you so much for your support, friends! I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be your book lady, and I can’t wait to serve you in 2017!



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