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Golden Ticket Christmas Party! Win $300 in Free Usborne Books!
Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!

Golden Ticket Christmas Party! Win $300 in Free Usborne Books!

Oompa loompa doompety doo…
I’ve got a sugary-sweet deal for you!
Order, host, or join my team,
and you could win $300 in free… BOOKS!

Usborne Book Barn Party!

This amazing year is almost over, and I want to end it with a BANG!

I invite you to join my event on Facebook (click here) to do some Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping, have some fun, and possibly win $300 in completely free Usborne books!

No purchase necessary, either! Check out how to get your golden ticket and put your name in the hat for the big prize:


You only have to enter ONCE to get a chance at the $300 in free books, and it’s one ‘ticket’ per person.

Deals start on Thanksgiving night, so click GOING to the event to stay up-to-date!

Throughout the week, there will also be chances for you to earn points to win free BOOK PRIZES!

These three books are SO much fun, and all you have to do to win one is participate in the Facebook event. Easy peasy!


The event is open until Cyber Monday 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST, with the deals announced Thanksgiving evening. Click here to head over to the Facebook event and join the fun! I’ll announce the winners LIVE on the event page at 8:30 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 29th.

Thanks for visiting, friend, and I hope to see you at the party!




Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!

Confession: I don’t like getting my hands messy… really, I think I have a thing. Gooey, sticky, slimey? Nope, not for me.

I really do enjoy doing activities and crafts with my girls, but my ‘thing’ holds me back sometimes.

However, I’ve found the PERFECT craft to do over the holidays that doesn’t get my hands sticky or gooey (woot!):

Enter the Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit!

Check out this video for an exclusive inside look:

Here are some fun inside pictures:



Step-by-step picture guide!



Make seven cutie-patootie felt animals!


Doesn’t this look great?! And your kids can MAKE their own gifts, y’all… HOMEMADE presents! You know the grandparents will LOVE that!

Click here to get your sewing kit for $24.99.

I’d love to know how you like it, and I’d love to see pictures of your kids’ creations, too! Please post them on my Facebook page, and I’ll send you a special happy! Click here to join me on Facebook.

Enjoy making these adorable critters and fun memories with your children this holiday season!

Looking for more fun activities? Click here for a video of some of my favorites!



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