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Is Usborne Books & More the Right Direct Sales Company For You?
Getting Ready for the Usborne National Convention!

Is Usborne Books & More the Right Direct Sales Company For You?

When I started Usborne in 2014, I didn’t ‘need’ the money.

I joined so I could save money for a family vacation to Disney World, not to make any kind of real income.

Fast forward almost 3 years.

Now, Usborne is paying for my daughter’s medical bills and multiple therapies. Anna has Gorlin Syndrome, a very rare condition, and my Usborne money is helping us get her the help she needs!


Anna got to meet her favorite princess on our Disney trip!

I’m SO thankful that God led me to this business when He did! When we needed the money, my Usborne business was already up and going, so it was there. 

We just never know what life will throw our way.  If you’ve been thinking about joining a direct sales company, take a look at this quick video before you take the plunge. With so many great options for us out there, find out why Usborne Books & More might be the best fit for you! Click here or watch below:

But wait!

Aren’t all these businesses just pyramid schemes and scams?!

Click here or watch below to find out: (turn your volume up for this one – whoopsie!)

Don’t have a lot of extra money around? I hear ya, friend, and I’m happy to share with you the absolutely cheapest way to give Usborne a try! Click here or watch below:

Click here or below to read an article entitled The Brutal Truth about those Pyramid Schemes.

Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

With a $75 start-up cost and no minimums to stress you out, why not give Usborne a try? Click here to learn more.

Kit Fall 2016

If you’d like to talk more about the book biz and if it’s a good fit for you and your family, please message me on Facebook at Usborne Book Barn, or you can also click here to contact me. I’d be honored to welcome you to the team whenever you’re ready!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friend!


Getting Ready for the Usborne National Convention!

Oh, friends, to say I’m excited would be a GROSS understatement!

This has been an AMAZING year for Usborne and for my INCREDIBLE team, and I just can’t wait to celebrate it all in just a few days!


If you’d like to get a little glimpse inside Usborne’s 2016 National Convention, join me over on my Facebook page! I’ll be going LIVE at various times throughout the week, and I’d love to hang out with you!

Join me at Convention

Our Convention attendance is estimated to double (!!), and we’ve been moved into the ARENA for our general sessions. Crazy! I know our Home Office has lots of fun and surprises in store for us (and, oh yeah, some training, too!), and our next incentive trip will finally be revealed! Eeeek! Click here or below to see our last trip destination – Ireland!

I still have lots of odds and ends to tidy up before I leave Wednesday morning, including spending time with my sweet family. I’m writing each girl a special note to open every morning I’m gone (trying to wrack up the good mommy points), so I should hop off here and get started!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, and I hope you’ll join me LIVE on my Facebook page this Wed. – Sun. as we go inside Usborne’s National Convention 2016!

Click here or below to see inside last year’s Convention (please excuse the messiness of this past Convention post – the formatting went wacky when I migrated from Blogspot to WordPress a few months ago.).

See you LIVE very soon over on Facebook, friends!


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