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Why are Usborne Books so Special?
2K? No Way! Giveaway!
Sale Every Wednesday on Facebook!

Why are Usborne Books so Special?

You KNOW I love the books, but let’s see if we can answer the question…

What makes Usborne so special?

Science Dictionary pin

Here are a few key features of the Usborne books that I enjoy:

  • high picture-to-text ratio – lots of pictures integrated into the text make the books less intimidating to reluctant readers!
  • double-page spreads – most of our non-fiction books have these, which draw my girls into the books. They can put the book on the floor, lay down and prop up on their elbows, and get lost in the magic of the book!

Here’s an example of the double-page spread, bite-sized chunks of knowledge, internet-references, AND flaps in our Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers.

  • bite-sized chunks of knowledge – you’ll hear me say this a lot in my videos. The information is presented in quick ‘bites,’ which appeals to every reader, especially those with attention-deficit concerns.
  • flaps and slots – many of our books are very ‘hands on’ and appeal to tactile learners.
  • cut-away illustrations – entice our curiosity (read as not boring!).
  • internet-links – safe websites that correlate directly to the topics (time-savers!). Usborne was the very-first publisher to include researched and recommended websites with their books. Click here to take a look!
  • award-winning – our books have been weighed and measured by the best-of-the-best in the publishing world, and we’ve come out on top again and again. I am proud to help get these books into the hands of children!

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2K? No Way! Giveaway!

2k likes on Facebook?!


Thank you SO much for supporting my little book business, friends! This has been an incredible journey so far, and I want to show my appreciation for you by doing one of my favorite things…


To enter, click here to go my Facebook page, Usborne Book Barn, and find the image above that says 2K? No Way? Giveaway! Comment on THAT post with an idea for Usborne’s next book!

Yes, that’s right! Mr. Peter Usborne takes requests!

And that’s me and Pete right there. We’re pretty tight. 😉

Peter Usborne and Me

Each year, there’s an internal contest for book ideas, and I’d LOVE your help!

Comment on the FB post with YOUR idea for Usborne’s next book, and I’ll randomly select one winner this Sunday at noon CST. The lucky lady (or fella!) will win one of my favorite Usborne classics, The Complete Book of Farmyard Tales with CD! Click here or below to see how AWESOME this book is!

Thank you again for supporting my book biz! 2k likes?! That is SOOO amazing!

Head on over to my Facebook page now to enter the giveaway! I can’t wait to hear your ideas! I’ll announce the winner there this Sunday afternoon. Good luck, friends!


Sale Every Wednesday on Facebook!

Facebook is soooooo much FUN!

We’ve been having a great time over there, and with Facebook’s new LIVE feature, it’s just been CRAZAY! You can see me in real time and ask questions about the books or the business! Say whaaaa?! Yes, it’s a blast, and you need to come check it out with my new Live @ Lunch broadcast!

Live at Lunch

One of the things I absolutely love doing is helping people get a great deal on our amazing books, so I’ve started a WEEKLY WEDNESDAY SALE on my Facebook page! I plan to be LIVE @ lunch each week, but if I can’t be ‘live,’ I’ll be sure to still post the Wednesday sale.

Last week the one-day sale was 25% off any of our illustrated story books!

illustrated stories sale

What will it be this week?

You’ll have to join me on Facebook LIVE at noon CST this Wednesday to find out!

Click here to join the fun!


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