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I’ve Earned the Usborne Books & More Trip to Disney World!
Golden Ticket Christmas Party! Win $300 in Free Usborne Books!
Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!
Guess the New Title GIVEAWAY CONTEST!
Design Your Own That’s Not My Book – GIVEAWAY CONTEST!
Giveaway for Email Subscribers!
Gorlin Syndrome Cuddle Bear Club!
The Absolutely CHEAPEST Way to Join Usborne Books & More
Christmas in July Party!
Is Usborne Books & More the Right Direct Sales Company For You?

I’ve Earned the Usborne Books & More Trip to Disney World!

Aahhh!! We DID it, friends!

Thank you SO much for your support and encouragement this year! 2016 has certainly been a WILD ride, and this incentive trip is the icing on the cake! Take a look:

Disney World is WHY I became an Usborne consultant almost 3 years ago; it’s become our happy place! Click here to read more about the beginning of my Usborne adventure.


This will be second trip with Usborne (I earned the Western Caribbean cruise last year, but couldn’t go because my girls’ schools started that week). Click here or below to check out my Usborne Ireland trip (yes, IRELAND!)!


This trip, however, is going to extra special because…

I’m not taking the KIDS!

Yes, yes, yaaaaaas!

Since we use our Usborne money to take the kids to Disney each year anyway (our next family trip is in Feb.!), my husband and I are using this incentive trip as our 10-year anniversary celebration!

Y’all, can you even IMAGINE how AWESOME this trip is going to be?!

And it’s fa-REEEEEE!

Usborne is paying for our hotel, 6-day Park Hopper passes, private night at Typhoon Lagoon, and we get $1,200 to play with!

I. love. my job!

And I also love my incredible team (Go, Pineapples!), and YOU, for your support this year! This wouldn’t have happened without the generous love and support from my hostesses and customers. Thank you SO much, friends!

My husband and I are SO excited to see Disney in a whole new way, and we’ve already started planning!

Things we will NOT do on our Usborne trip to Disney World in July:

  • Meet princesses
  • Ride the Ariel ride
  • Meet princesses
  • Use a stroller
  • Meet princesses
  • watch Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage
  • anything having to do with Frozen

Things we WILL do on the Usborne trip:

  • Stay up late and watch the fireworks (and then SLEEP IN)!
  • Ride Tower of Terror!
  • Eat a turkey leg and walk, stroll really, whereEVER we want to go!
  • Ride the Aerosmith rollercoaster!
  • Explore Disney Springs!
  • take the Backstage Magic tour and see the underground UTILIDORS!


Earning a company trip is always mind-blowing, and the fact that I get to take my husband on this once-in-a-lifetime getaway on Usborne’s dime is almost too much! If you’ve ever thought about giving Usborne a try, just do it! You NEVER know what might come out of it! I never DREAMED it would be such a blessing to my family!

New catalogs and over 100 NEW books are coming out in January, so the new year is a great time to test the waters! Click here or below for my book biz FAQs to see if this might be a good fit for your family.


I’d love for you to join me on Facebook, too! We have a lot of fun over there with my weekly LIVE show, exclusive sneak peeks, Wednesday sales, and giveaways! Click here or below to become a part of the Usborne Book Barn community!


Again, thank you so much for your support, friends! I’m absolutely thrilled and honored to be your book lady, and I can’t wait to serve you in 2017!



Golden Ticket Christmas Party! Win $300 in Free Usborne Books!

Oompa loompa doompety doo…
I’ve got a sugary-sweet deal for you!
Order, host, or join my team,
and you could win $300 in free… BOOKS!

Usborne Book Barn Party!

This amazing year is almost over, and I want to end it with a BANG!

I invite you to join my event on Facebook (click here) to do some Black Friday – Cyber Monday shopping, have some fun, and possibly win $300 in completely free Usborne books!

No purchase necessary, either! Check out how to get your golden ticket and put your name in the hat for the big prize:


You only have to enter ONCE to get a chance at the $300 in free books, and it’s one ‘ticket’ per person.

Deals start on Thanksgiving night, so click GOING to the event to stay up-to-date!

Throughout the week, there will also be chances for you to earn points to win free BOOK PRIZES!

These three books are SO much fun, and all you have to do to win one is participate in the Facebook event. Easy peasy!


The event is open until Cyber Monday 2016 at 11:59 p.m. CST, with the deals announced Thanksgiving evening. Click here to head over to the Facebook event and join the fun! I’ll announce the winners LIVE on the event page at 8:30 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 29th.

Thanks for visiting, friend, and I hope to see you at the party!




Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit is SEW Much Fun!

Confession: I don’t like getting my hands messy… really, I think I have a thing. Gooey, sticky, slimey? Nope, not for me.

I really do enjoy doing activities and crafts with my girls, but my ‘thing’ holds me back sometimes.

However, I’ve found the PERFECT craft to do over the holidays that doesn’t get my hands sticky or gooey (woot!):

Enter the Usborne Children’s Sewing Kit!

Check out this video for an exclusive inside look:

Here are some fun inside pictures:



Step-by-step picture guide!



Make seven cutie-patootie felt animals!


Doesn’t this look great?! And your kids can MAKE their own gifts, y’all… HOMEMADE presents! You know the grandparents will LOVE that!

Click here to get your sewing kit for $24.99.

I’d love to know how you like it, and I’d love to see pictures of your kids’ creations, too! Please post them on my Facebook page, and I’ll send you a special happy! Click here to join me on Facebook.

Enjoy making these adorable critters and fun memories with your children this holiday season!

Looking for more fun activities? Click here for a video of some of my favorites!



Guess the New Title GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

We have almost 30 new titles being released next week (aaaaahhh!!), and you could win one (double aaaaahhh!)!

Hop over to my Facebook page, look for this contest entry image, and take your best guess (or two – two guesses max. per person, please.)

Everyone who guesses correctly will be put into a drawing to win a brand new copy of the MYSTERY BOOK!

(trust me, you’re going to loooove it!)

Click here to enter the contest on my Facebook page (remember to scroll and look for the entry post).

Contest ends Sunday, October 16th, at 11:59 p.m. CST. I’ll announce the winner on FB after the book is released next week!

Good luck, friends!


Design Your Own That’s Not My Book – GIVEAWAY CONTEST!


Congratulations to our winner, Mindy’s sweet daughter! And thank you to everyone who entered! I loved seeing all the creativity (and super-cute kiddos!):


My loved my daughter’s entry; she knows me so well. 😉


Be on the lookout for more fun and giveaways soon!


Ready to win a copy of Usborne’s latest and greatest book in our popular That’s Not My series?! Let’s DO it!

Your little one will love our new That’s Not My Elf book ($9.99), and you’ll love the price – FREE!


To enter, simply print the blank book cover below and have your child design her own fun new cover! Then snap a picture and post it as a comment on the ENTRY POST on my Facebook page!

Click here or below to download and print your design page!


Then comment with your child’s finished cover on THIS POST on my FB page by Sunday, Oct. 2nd, at 9 pm CST:


Every entry will go into a random drawing, and the winner will enjoy That’s Not My Elf! I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook page on Monday morning, Oct. 3rd. Contest open to US residents only.

Good luck, and thank you for visiting me today, friends!


Giveaway for Email Subscribers!

I’ve got my fancy pants on, friends, and I now have my own email newsletter that will go out the first of every month!

And to kick it all off, I’m doing a GIVEAWAY for my subscribers!


To be eligible to win, simply subscribe by Wed., Sept. 21st, before 7 pm CST.

I’ll announce the winner of the absolutely fantastic Timelines of World History book LIVE on my Late @ 8 show on Facebook!

Click here or text UBB to 42828 to sign-up!


And then join me for my weekly FB LIVE show, Late @ 8, this Wed. at 8 pm CST on Facebook to see if you’re the winner! Click here to join the Usborne Book Barn FB community!


Good luck! I’ll see ya this Wednesday for the LIVE giveaway announcement!

** IMPORTANT: After you sign-up, you should get a Welcome email. If you do NOT see it, please check your spam or junk folder, mark it as not spam, and then view it in your normal inbox.

Thank you for subscribing, friend! I’ll have lots of great stuff once a month for you (no spam!). I’m VERY excited about the newsletter, and  I think you’ll really enjoy the updates, insider info., contests, and more!

Have a fantabulous day!



Gorlin Syndrome Cuddle Bear Club!


Thank you all SOOO much for supporting these sweet kiddos! With your help, we were able to bless 15 children with a Cuddle Bear book and bear! This is SO important to me, and I truly do appreciate your support – and know these families and children do, as well!

God bless you!



Confession time…

I haaaate asking people to give money. I loathe it. I never did well with fundraisiers in school; I never sold much wrapping paper, Boston butts, or magazine subscriptions… and girl scout cookies? Fuhgeddaboutit.

But every now and then I come upon an opportunity to bless others with my business, and I just have to ask because it’s that important, friends.

This is one of those times.

I’m asking you to donate $30 to this very worthy cause that can bring a smile – bring comfort – to the lives of these little ones living with Gorlin Syndrome.

Your donation will purchase and ship a Cuddle Bear book and plush toy for a child with this very rare genetic condition.

We first learned about Gorlin Syndrome when my sweet Anna was diagnosed when she was two years old. Click here to visit my old blog to read more her diagnosis, and click here to read about her first basal cell carcinomas (cancer spots). She’s since had over 300 BCCs removed, with more scheduled to be lasered off in October.


Living with Gorlin Syndrome is certainly a different life-style, and an expensive one. With medical bills, special UV-protection clothing, and (in our case) various therapy visits and a special school to accommodate her needs, books and toys can easily become a luxury that get skipped over in the tight family budget.

Your $30 will be a blessing, friend.

And why Cuddle Bear? Portions of every Cuddle Bear sale are donated to the Scott Carter Foundation for pediatric cancer research. So, really, your $30 donation is a double-blessing!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Gorlin Syndrome Cuddle Bear Club, and I hope you’ll join me in blessing each and every child in Anna’s nation-wide support group with a Cuddle Bear book and soft, loveable bear!

Our goal is to raise enough funds to sponsor 150 sweet children.

** Please share, share, share this blog post with your family and friends so we can make our goal before the end of September! **

Visit me on Facebook to stay up to date with our progress, and please click here or below to sponsor a child:

Thank you so much for your kind consideration, friends!


The Absolutely CHEAPEST Way to Join Usborne Books & More

We all like to save money, and I’ll admit, I’m a bottom-line type of girl. How much is this going to cost? What exactly do I need to do?

If you’re thinking about Usborne Books & More, and you want to join for the absolutely CHEAPEST cost to you, here’s how to do it.

Click here or watch below:

I’ve helped many people make the most out of their initial investment, and I’d love to help you, too!

Click here if you’re ready to go for it!

And click here or below if you’d like to learn more about the book biz.

Why Join Usborne cropped

Please click here to message me on FB if you have any questions; I’m happy to help!


Thanks for stopping by today, friend!


Christmas in July Party!

It’s haaawt here in Alabama, y’all. Steamin‘ with temps in the high 90s.

Let’s cool down a by looking towards winter with a Christmas in July party!

This Facebook party is very similar to our popular Mystery Prom Queen party earlier this year. One person, our Secret Santa, will win $200 in completely FREE Usborne books!

Here’s how to be eligible to be our Secret Santa:

How to Be Secret Santa

You can do ALL of these, but you only need to do ONE to get your name in the hat for Secret Santa.

  1. Order at least $25 in books with the special link by clicking here.
  2. Host a party (fun, easy, and your friends will have a blast!). My open dates will be posted in the party.
  3.  Join my (super-awesome, if I do say so myself) team! Click here to learn more.

In addition, I’m also having 3 GIVEAWAYS called Prize Presents!

Prize Presents

These will be earned by collecting PARTY POINTS throughout the party, beginning Tuesday, July 12th. You must be present at the party on July 19th from 8 – 8:30 pm CST to claim your Prize Present (because I want to hang out with ya, cool girl!). 3 books, 3 winners!

In a nutshell:

One Secret Santa winner will get $200 in free Usborne books!

Three Prize Presents winners will get one of the three giveaway books (eeeek! New titles!), based on highest amount of points earned in the week leading up to the Facebook party!

And a partridge in a pear tree. 😉

Anna Christmas

Are ya pumped?! Super-excited to see these new titles and get your Christmas fix?!

Me, too!

Click here to join me on Facebook and get in the Christmas spirit with our Christmas in July Secret Santa party!

Start earning your Party Points July 12th!

Live party will be the night of July 19th, with giveaway winners announced in the party.

Secret Santa winner will be revealed the morning after the party, on July 20th.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see ya at the party!



Is Usborne Books & More the Right Direct Sales Company For You?

When I started Usborne in 2014, I didn’t ‘need’ the money.

I joined so I could save money for a family vacation to Disney World, not to make any kind of real income.

Fast forward almost 3 years.

Now, Usborne is paying for my daughter’s medical bills and multiple therapies. Anna has Gorlin Syndrome, a very rare condition, and my Usborne money is helping us get her the help she needs!


Anna got to meet her favorite princess on our Disney trip!

I’m SO thankful that God led me to this business when He did! When we needed the money, my Usborne business was already up and going, so it was there. 

We just never know what life will throw our way.  If you’ve been thinking about joining a direct sales company, take a look at this quick video before you take the plunge. With so many great options for us out there, find out why Usborne Books & More might be the best fit for you! Click here or watch below:

But wait!

Aren’t all these businesses just pyramid schemes and scams?!

Click here or watch below to find out: (turn your volume up for this one – whoopsie!)

Don’t have a lot of extra money around? I hear ya, friend, and I’m happy to share with you the absolutely cheapest way to give Usborne a try! Click here or watch below:

Click here or below to read an article entitled The Brutal Truth about those Pyramid Schemes.

Mother With Baby Working In Office At Home

With a $75 start-up cost and no minimums to stress you out, why not give Usborne a try? Click here to learn more.

Kit Fall 2016

If you’d like to talk more about the book biz and if it’s a good fit for you and your family, please message me on Facebook at Usborne Book Barn, or you can also click here to contact me. I’d be honored to welcome you to the team whenever you’re ready!

Thanks so much for stopping by, friend!


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