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New Catalogs are In!
Spring 2016 New Titles and Giveaway!
Giving the Gift of Reading at Christmas!
New Titles are Coming Soon!
Christmas Giveaway – My Secret Weapon that Every Mama Needs in her Purse!

New Catalogs are In!

Yes, friends! You can all whoop and holler with me as we celebrate another incredible Usborne Books & More catalog! From new true stories (Everest, Gangsters, etc.) to new wipe-clean books and fashion designer goodies, we have literally something for everyone! Fix a cup of tea and click here or below to browse the new ‘big boy’ catalog, which has ALL of our award-winning titles!

Find some books you like?! Click here to visit my shopping site for more info. If you’d like to get these new titles for free or discounted, I am a party girl, and I’d love to help you and your friends have a fabulously fun Facebook party! Please click here to find me on Facebook and send me a message. Easy peasy!

Are ya ready for 2016? I’m SOOOO ready, friends! I have tons of surprises planned just for you; I’m so excited! Click here to like Usborne Book Barn on FB so you don’t miss the free book giveaways, reviews, insider info, and more! 2016 is going to ROCK!

Enjoy your precious families during these holidays, and I’ll see you soon!


Spring 2016 New Titles and Giveaway!

Usborne’s Spring 2016 titles are heeeere!! WOOT! And to celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway of one of my favorite new books, A Year in My Life!

a year

This journal is packed full of 365 drawing and writing activities that will be SO much fun to look back on at the end of the year! Your child can be creative every day! Here are just some of the prompts from this super-fun diary:

Day #143 – Pretend you found a message in a bottle. Write your response here.

Day #168 – Using four words, write a review of today.

Day #295 – Imagine you spent the day with your favorite fictional character. Draw a picture of where you went together.

Day #344 – Draw a scene from today, but give the people animal heads.

Click here or below to learn more about my new favorite book:

I absolutely adore this book so much because it exercises my child’s mind every day. Every day she will use her imagination! In fact, I love this book so much that I’m giving away 5 copies to 5 fabulous readers! Enter the giveaway at the bottom for your chance to win this book completely free – just because you’re awesome!

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Giving the Gift of Reading at Christmas!

I am so inspired by my sister in Usborne, Mel Howard (we have the same sponsor and team leader, so in the company family tree, we’re sisters)! She has a true passion for helping children have the best futures possible, and for the second year in a row, she’s raised money to bless the children of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary in Huntsville, Alabama, with a book. That’s one book for every child in the school, from Head Start to 5th grade – 700 books! Y’all, that’s hundreds and hundreds of children! She even raised enough money to donate an extra $900+ in books to the school’s library! Here’s Mel with the surprised librarian:


Mel invited all the local Usborne consultants to help her pass out the books to the children before dismissal for Christmas break, and I jumped at the chance! I’m so used to doing home parties and FB parties and dealing with the mamas, that this was my first time to deliver books to a school and see the kids’ faces. Let me tell you, it was priceless, friends. I held back a tear or two, won’t lie. We went down every hall in this school, to every room, and shared a new book and a smile with them. It just melted my heart! And for many of these children, this will be the only book they have at home.  Read More

New Titles are Coming Soon!

Yes, friends, new books are almost heeeeeere!

I’m SO excited for the new releases, which are scheduled to be available on Dec. 21st! CRAZY! As soon as they’re available, I’ll let you know, plus, I’ll post some videos, images, and reviews ASAP!

This is soooo fun! Usborne gets around 100 new books and new catalogs twice a year – in January and July. We also get mid-season new titles, too; so we have NEW books about every 3 months!

I’ll keep you posted! Be sure we’re connected on Facebook for the latest and greatest!

How’s your holiday so far? I’ve got all the presents wrapped (almost!), and I’ve got fun stuff for the girls to do during the break, like our sticker books, which Anna absolutely LOVES!

Anna Christmas

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a chance to win your own set of ready-to-go activity cards – includes the marker! WOOT! Click here to get in on the action! And believe me, if you have young kiddos, you need these activity cards in your purse! Look what happened to us recently when I was caught with only 1 set:

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Christmas Giveaway – My Secret Weapon that Every Mama Needs in her Purse!

I have many things in my purse that can be considered my secret weapon (pepper spray, stun gun – we have to protect ourselves, friends! Have you seen the news?!), but, the ‘secret weapon’ that I’m most excited about is the one that gets my kiddos quiet! Yes, you know I love my girls, but not everyone in the doctor’s office or McDonald’s needs to hear them singing. So… in comes my handy dandy secret weapon! Click here or below to take a look!

You can make your own secret weapons with a pack of the cards, metal ring, marker, and hole punch, like this:

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