You can teach your child to read – yes, YOU!


I know what a struggle it can be to teach your child to read, believe me!

I taught my oldest daughter, Mary, and it wasn’t pretty. And we did it before I knew about all of the wonderful Usborne phonic books that should would have just LOVED!

So, with Anna, my younger girl, I’m going to do it ‘the Usborne way’ and use our phonics books and reading sets! To start, we’re going through the ABC books (as I like to call them) and learning to recognize letters and their sounds. Take a look by watching below or clicking here!

Once we have those down, we’ll move on to the award-winning ‘yellow box’ – Usborne’s Very First Reading Set!
I LOVE this set because it progresses through the phonics skills with fun stories and beautiful illustrations! Click here or watch the video below to see more:
This set is also SOOO fantastic because it has its very own website, where you can print off activities for EVERY book in the set! AMAZING! Click here or below to check out the site!

After we finish the ‘yellow box,’ we’ll move on to the ‘purple box’ – Usborne’s First Reading Set:

Click here or watch below!

As we work through the yellow and purple boxes, we’ll also read the phonics readers together! Check ’em out!

At $6.99 a book, they’re perfect for my budget! But the BEST bang for my buck is our premiere phonics collection, Ted and Friends, which has 12 readers PLUS a read-along CD for $19.99! Click here or watch below to see more:

Another FANTASTIC book, an Usborne CLASSIC, that we’ve already started looking at together is the Complete Book of Farmyard Tales! Y’all, this is the sweetest and friendliest collection you’ll ever own! Anna loves to listen to the CD at night, too! I LOVE it because it’s a dual-level reader, which means Anna will read the top line (less challenging), and then I’ll read the bottom line. As her reading improves, she’ll learn to read both lines. LOVE it! Click here or watch below to see more:

Isn’t that the sweetest book!?!

And then when she’s ready for chapter books, we’ll start with what my oldest girl started with, the Billie B. Brown collection! Mary LOVES this series, and they really are the very FIRST chapter books Mary read! Click here or watch below to learn more:

Here’s Mary’s own review! Click here or watch below:

That’s my plan!I know of other mamas, loyal customers, who have had success teaching their child to read with Usborne books, and I can’t wait to add my name to that list! Both of my girls LOVE books, and I believe it’s because we just have so darn many of ’em in our home! I consider it such a blessing, one that I’m very thankful for. 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about teaching your child to read using Usborne books, or if you’d like to learn more about the book business and FILLING your home with amazing, top-quality books without breaking the bank, please contact me! I’m on FB at Usborne Book Barn, and you can also email me by clicking on the pink envelope at the top right of this site.

Ooh, one more thing!

Do you know that we have a FREE online reading site with FUN games to build literacy?! Teach Your Monster to Read is an AMAZING tool for your kiddos! Click here or below to take a look!

Want to see inside more Usborne books? I have TONS of exclusive videos on my You Tube page! Click here or below to take a look!

Thanks so much, friends!  Happy reading!

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