Inside Usborne’s National Convention 2015!


Goooood times!



About a month ago, I whisked myself away to beautiful downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, for Usborne’s annual National Convention! This was my first Convention, so I was thrilled the entire time! Here’s your inside-look, exclusive, all-access pass to Usborne Books & More’s 2015 National Convention!


I got a heads-up in the mail that I’d be getting ‘onstage recognition,’ so I was really nervous, excited, and anxious to find out exactly what this was all about!

When I arrived in Tulsa, I was waiting for the hotel shuttle, when I got this picture in a text from my upline leader and dear friends who were already at the hotel:



If you don’t know, my youngest daughter has this crazy genetic condition where she can’t be in the sun, so we never go swimming outside, or do much of anything outside during the day. So, to see this picture, and to know that I could go chill OUTSIDE by a POOL, well, I may or may not have hurried along the nice shuttle driver. 😉

30 minutes later…


Best. Day. EVER!

This Convention had many, many amazing moments for me, but this peaceful time in the pool before all the official fun started, well, this was one of my favorite moments. I also got seriously burnt, but y’know what, I didn’t care! When I think of Convention, I think of relaxing in this pool… aaaahhh! Okay, onto more pictures!


The first night was a special reward for President’s Club members. We were treated to dinner and then a fun painting class. Now, I know this doesn’t sound very cool, and honestly, I thought it wouldn’t be very fun, but it was AWESOME! They blasted 80’s music while we created our masterpieces!


And I got to hang out with my Uzzie Buddies! I’m tellin’ ya, the relationships that this business has brought me have just been so fulfilling! It’s all about relationships!
Convention officially started the next day, Thursday, with registration and the opening of The More Store. I’d heard about the store, where there would be discounted Usborne books, but didn’t think much about it. Hahahaha! Girl, was I wrong!
This picture doesn’t do it justice at all. I took this just as it was opening, but about an hour later, all of these tables were FULL of boxes, and every book was 75% off, with our best-selling activity card packs selling for just a QUARTER (they retail $9.99)! Insane! I spent a couple HOURS in here, y’all, and you know you would have, too! And I’m not even going to tell you how much I spent!
Thursday was spent in a President’s Club meeting, followed by our team dinner.
I just LOVE these fabulous women!
Above, CEO Randall White steals the show at our Dream Builders dinner!
We’re a crazy bunch!
At some point this first official day (don’t remember exactly when), there was leader recognition, and I got my tiara for promoting to Senior Executive Team Leader! Eeeek!
(See those brown boxes on the stage? Yeah, those are Coach purses. I LOVE our company!)
I didn’t earn a purse, but I did get the Tiffany necklace!
It’s a tiara necklace, since it’s not that practical to go around wearing my tiara back home. 😉
I also LOVED cheering on my teammates as they were recognized for their awesome first years, too!
Lit Whits and Wonder Women!
That night, our team got together to plan out our next few months. This was a really fun time to just get to know everyone!

Friday night was the glitzy Awards Night!


Almost 700 Usborne consultants and team leaders were in this room!
Enjoyed making wonderful memories with amazing friends!

We got to meet PETER USBORNE!!

And I found out what that postcard was all about!

It was pretty unbelievable, and it would NOT have happened without an incredible team and motivating leadership from Godly women!

Another favorite memory was when Suzanne Mosely‘s name was called for her award, New Team Leader of the Year Honorable Mention! She was stunned, turned to me and said, “What do I do?!” And I said, “GO UP THERE!” Ha! She got to walk the stage, and her face was priceless; I’ll never forget that special moment! Way to go, Suzanne!

What a year! And what a blessing these women have been to me and my family! Wow!

Saturday was the final day of Convention, and it was time for the big announcement –


This year, we’re going to Ireland! We leave in just a couple of weeks, and I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d earn a company trip – and for TWO, so my handsome hubby gets to come for free, too! Each year at Convention, the next trip destination is revealed, and we were all ready to finally find out!



Western Caribbean cruise!!

We were treated to another fancy dinner Saturday night, where we heard some great testimonials. My favorite was from the college-aged son of one of the directors, who talked about growing up a ‘UBAM kid.’ He loved being surrounded with books, going on the company trips with his family, and learning how to set goals and have a good work ethic. WOW! Pretty much everyone had a tear in their eyes when he was finished. It was very moving, and I was very blessed by him.

The evening ended with a dance party that lasted long into the night!


Then it was back to the hotel to pack up. I was pretty sad to take off my badge and tiara, which I had worn all weekend. And I was even more bummed to be leaving my teammates and friends. But overall, I was thankful to God for this incredible experience!

Usborne National Convention was such a blessing to me. I left inspired, motivated, and refreshed after some much-needed quality girl time! If you’d like to give Usborne a try, there’s no better time, friend! Watch this quick video and contact me to learn how you can join the award-winning Dream Team of Usborne Books & More! (And if you think UBAM is a scam, click here.)

Join me to change a child’s world for the better!

And then come with us to Convention next year to



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