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I’ve done around 40 home parties so far in my first year with Usborne Books & More – parties are a BLAST! But awesome parties don’t ‘just happen;’ there’s thoughtful planning involved. When I read Kim’s post on how to get your friends to your party, I may or may not have clapped my hands and shouted an Amen (yeah, okay, I did). 😉 I contacted Kim and asked her if I could share her tips here, and she graciously agreed. Whoop!

If you’re hosting a home party soon, Kim’s tips can help you have a ROCKIN’ girls’ night and earn hundreds of dollars in free books for you family! Are you ready to become the hostess with the mostess?!

Kim Denne has been in direct sales for over 20 years (awesome!) and is currently a Lead Team Mentor with Tastefully Simple. You can shop her TS website at, and visit her blog for recipes and direct sales tips at

(The following is wisdom straight from Kim; I just added the images. Enjoy!)

*This article is written to give tips to the HOST of a Home Party, if you are a Consultant reading this, feel free to share it with your Hosts :)

Home parties are a great way to gather your friends together, expose people to some of your favorite products, and even get some of them either FREE or at a DISCOUNT! You can relax, have a little fun, and you don’t have to go out and waste a lot of time scouring retail stores to find the latest and greatest products out there.  How can it get any better than that???

 (Recent hostess’s goodies!)
Whether you have had a number of Home Parties, or if you are thinking about having your first party ever, here are a few tips that I have learned over the years (both from Hosting Parties, and by being the Consultant at the parties) that will help you get ROCKIN’ attendance. Follow these tips & you’ll be on your way to HOME PARTY SUCCESS!
1. Select a Date and Stick with It 
Chances are, you will never find a party date and time that works for ALL of your friends. The best thing you can do is select one that works best for YOU. That way, you won’t be stressed about working around other busy activities, you can choose a date that fits in comfortably around your family activities.
Once you have the date on the calendar, do everything in your power to KEEP THAT DATE. The minute you schedule it, it becomes an important appointment for you, your family, your Consultant, and their family. Once you start to announce it to friends, it now becomes important to them and their families (or whomever may be affected by them attending the party.) If you begin rescheduling the date, it causes a huge chain reaction from your family, to the Consultant’s family, to those who already planned to attend. There may be scheduling changes that were made, babysitters scheduled, and more.
A side effect of changing the date is that your friends start to depend on you less for future events. They may think “Oh, she always changes things at the last minute, so I won’t worry about committing to an RSVP.”
Bottom line: Select a date & keep the date, unless there is a true emergency!

2. Use Several Methods to Invite People

We are BOMBARDED with information on any given day. Phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, Tweets, emails, snail mail, TV ads, and more. Many people have become accustomed to only paying attention to THEIR favorite contact method, and if it’s different from YOUR favorite contact method, then they are likely to miss your invitation if you only send out notices one way.
For instance, YOU may love FB so you set up a FB Event & invite all of your friends. Your 3 friends that also love FB RSVP right away, but the other 30 people you invited never reply. Does that mean they don’t want to come? NO WAY! Chances are, they just didn’t see it. 
Now, imagine the impact you can have when you mail some paper invitations, hand a few out to people you see regularly, set up the FB event, send a group text, use the email invitation that your Consultant supplies you with (or create your own email), AND make personal calls to invite everyone. NOW YOU’RE REALLY REACHING PEOPLE! The multiple-invite method also keeps people from forgetting about your party!
Bottom line: By using several methods to reach people, you will reach more people and have a better turn-out for your party!
(Halloween book party – so much fun!)
3. Partner With Your Consultant

Your party Consultant is a “highly trained professional” that 
has YOUR best interest in mind. She wants you to have the most successful party possible…when you have a great experience she knows it means word will spread to your friends, and she knows you will come back and party again in the future to repeat the experience, and honestly, she just wants you to be HAPPY! (It’s also a better use of her time, because let’s be honest, it’s a PARTY for you and your friends, but at the same time this is a night of WORK for your Consultant.)
Ask your Consultant for her best tips on what will make your party POP! And use every tool they make available to you. (Looking at #2, if your Consultant gives you paper invitations, email invites, and sets up a FB Event for you, then use them.) Also, chat before the party to ask if she has any extra ideas on how to increase attendance. Many Consultants have little “tools” they can rely on…something even as simple as “Everyone who brings a guest will get an extra doorprize ticket”, or “Bring your rattiest dishtowel…who ever gets voted the ‘worst’ wins a prize!” Just remember, it will be up to YOU to convey these messages to your guests so they get excited and can come to the party prepared.
Ask your Consultant about the best way to remind guests. Some like to call your guests a day or two before the party for you, some will suggest that you do that step. No matter how it’s done, a reminder call will ALWAYS help increase attendance. Let’s face it, people are busy, and people FORGET.
Bottom line: By partnering with your Consultant, you will both be working to ensure you have the best attendance!


4. Be excited and positive!

Before the party starts, the thing that “SELLS” the party is YOU! Be sure to let your friends know what you LOVE about these parties, products, and your Consultant.

When chatting with your friends, try something like “Have you ever been to a ___________ party? Oh my gosh, they are so much fun, and their products are amazing because ___________! You will absolutely love my Consultant, she really knows her stuff!” An endorsement like that will surely pique their interest. 
People want to be included in things that are fun and exciting, and your friends trust that you are setting them up for a good time!
Bottom line: Make your party sound like the MUST-SEE EVENT OF THE YEAR and it will be!
5. Above all else, NEVER say…

This one phrase, above all else, can be sooooooooooooo detrimental to your party that I hesitate to even write it. In my mind it should never be spoken, kind of like in Harry Potter when they refer to Lord Voldemort as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” because he is so heinous. This phrase is THAT BAD. 
Please, place one hand on your party’s catalog and raise the other one in the air and repeat after me, “I WILL NEVER, EVER UTTER THESE WORDS LEADING UP TO MY PARTY”. Ok, now that I have your promise, here it is:
Never, ever, ever, NEVER say,

“Just come, you don’t have to buy anything.” 

Did you hear your party momentum come to a screeching halt? That’s because 
those words instantly tell your friends that their time will be wasted, that your party has nothing of value for them, and that you don’t stand behind the products. Believe me, your friends are smart enough to make a buying decision (or decision not to buy) at the party, they don’t need you to tell them that.
Bottom line: If you find yourself saying the “words-that -must-not-be-spoken”, then you shouldn’t be having the party in the first place.

That’s it for my TOP 5 TIPS to ROCKIN’ ATTENDANCE!I certainly hope you found these tips helpful, and I wish you the BEST HOME PARTY EVER!!! 
Happy Partying!~ Kim Denne
Now it’s me again, Melody! Weren’t those tips awesome?! Thanks so much, Kim, for letting me share your wisdom here at the Book Barn, and thank YOU for hanging out with me! If you’re interested in learning more about the BEST children’s books on God’s green earth, please shoot me an email or contact me on Facebook. I’d love to party with ya (in home or on FB!) And don’t forget to ‘like’ Usborne Book Barn on FB by clicking here! 
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Party on, friends!

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