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Have We Met?
How to Have Rockin’ Attendance at Your Party!

Have We Met?

Hello there! Have we met? No? Well let’s fix that! Check out this quick video to learn more about me (bonus points if you catch what I have a secret stash of hidden away!):

Did you see the bloopers?! Y’all, it is so HARD to talk without messing up (or maybe it’s just me)!

BIG shout-out to the AMAZING Kari at Driskotech for putting this together!

Thanks for watching, and let’s get your party on, friends!

How to Have Rockin’ Attendance at Your Party!


I’ve done around 40 home parties so far in my first year with Usborne Books & More – parties are a BLAST! But awesome parties don’t ‘just happen;’ there’s thoughtful planning involved. When I read Kim’s post on how to get your friends to your party, I may or may not have clapped my hands and shouted an Amen (yeah, okay, I did). 😉 I contacted Kim and asked her if I could share her tips here, and she graciously agreed. Whoop!

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