Usborne Southeast Regional Recap -2014

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of road-tripping to Atlanta for Usborne’s Southeast Regional! It was a time of training, fun, and, as you’ll see, just hanging out with the CEO, Randall White (okay, that was just for a few hours, but it was awesome!)!

Yep, there we are, Randall and I, just chillin’ at Pamela’s house the night before the training. No big deal. 😉

Here’s our crew with V.P. Heather Cobb (in gray sweater on left), Randall on the phone talking to a team member, and other Uzzie friends! Yeah, just hangin’ out, because, why wouldn’t you just chill with the CEO and VP of Usborne Books & More? INSANE!!

After a laaaate night and only a few hours’ sleep, we were up and ready to head out to Dave & Buster’s for the day.

 Check out Randall giving Heather bunny ears!

The training was in a big conference room in D&Bs.

 Randall opened up the meeting, of course. Then Heather Cobb did an amazing talk on failure, the big elephant in the room, as she calls it. We’ve all had bummer home shows, we’ve all felt like we stink at this, but we must remember that FAILURE IS AN EVENT – NOT A PERSON. It’s impossible for me, for YOU, for anyone to BE a failure! If an event goes badly, we should evaluate and see what we can do better, but we should never throw in the towel because we’re failures. Just can’t happen. And I LOVE that she shared that! Wow!

Heather also shared the cure for failure –

little doses of it.

Just like how the cure for a snakebite is a small dose of venom, the cure for failure is to experience it in small amounts so we’re not scared of it anymore!

 I was SO thankful to hear all of the wonderful speakers during Regional!

Wait a minute…

who’s that girl in the red sweater up on stage?

Its me! Eeeekkk!!

I was NOT supposed to be on the stage with a mic! I was supposed to be off in some corner somewhere with a little-bitty group doing my home show presentation. So, when at the last minute I was told to report to the stage, I was completely flustered! I was soo not mentally prepared to speak in front of so many amazing women – on a stage – with a microphone; my presentation was less than stellar, to put it nicely. I remember at one point thinking that my little pause was a little too long, and then I lost focus, and the little pause turned into an awkward silence… yeah… good times. So, if you happened to catch the first breakout session of my home show, my sincere apologies!

Randall White was in the room for my second attempt, so no pressure there, right? 😉

Thankfully, I had a minute or two to regroup and look over my notes. Then I said a little prayer and tried to pretend that I was at a party. I love home shows. I really, really do! They’re energizing, FUN, and different every time! Each show is unique, just like its hostess, and I just ADORE everything about the parties!

Whew! It’s over (my part anyway!)! Randall was so nice to come say hi. Pictured below is Heather Cobb! She’s just sooo fantastic! It was such a privilege to share some time with Usborne’s VP!


This is Pamela, below, and I just cannot say enough good things about this lady. Wow! Encouraging, motivational, patient, knowledgeable, and then the list just gets sappy. LOVE her!

So, yes, I know I’m gushing, but my feelings are straight from the heart. This business changes lives. It’s taking my family to Disney World in January! Usborne is helping our family travel and spend quality time away together – not to mention the massive home library we now enjoy. I’m SOO excited!

And I’m not saying this to brag. I’m sharing this because if I can do it, YOU can, too! There’s nothing special about what I’ve done – I’ve just followed the training that Usborne had provided, prayed a lot, and enjoyed the ride since I joined this past March.

I’m so very thankful to God for all of HIS blessings. This job isn’t easy; I put in my time. But I get rewarded in money, books, fun happies, and GREAT relationships with other amazing ladies! And one of the best parts is helping other women take that first step to starting their own Usborne business. With Usborne, you’re in business for yourself, but you’re not in business BY yourself (unless you want to be)! Teamwork makes the dream work, and our team is SO supportive! Click here to check out our team page!

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Click here to read my FAQs about joining. And if you’re ready to go for it, I’d love to welcome you to the team!

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