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Book Videos!
Usborne Southeast Regional Recap -2014

Book Videos!

I always tell my hostesses, “If you just get your friends to SEE the books, they’ll love them as much as we do!” And that is SO true! Usborne books cannot be beat in quality, educational content, and price. I really do LOVE sharing my books with people!

However, not everyone is able to make it to a book party, or sometimes they want to order online but aren’t sure what they’ll be getting if they do. No more worries, friend! I’ve recently uploaded a big batch of videos to help with situations like these!

Ever wondered what the popular Wind-Up Race Car book looks like in action? Click here!

Want to compare the awesome doodle books? Click here!

Have an older child who enjoys coloring? Click here!

Want to see an adorable six-year-old do a review of one of her favorite books? Click here! (She has a really great sales pitch; she’s hilarious!)

Head on over there and check out the new videos, and don’t forget to subscribe to my You Tube channel so you know when new videos are added. Let me know, too, if you have any special requests, and I’ll do my best to get you the inside scoop on our amazing books!

Usborne Southeast Regional Recap -2014

A couple of weekends ago, I had the privilege of road-tripping to Atlanta for Usborne’s Southeast Regional! It was a time of training, fun, and, as you’ll see, just hanging out with the CEO, Randall White (okay, that was just for a few hours, but it was awesome!)!

Yep, there we are, Randall and I, just chillin’ at Pamela’s house the night before the training. No big deal. 😉

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